About Me


  • Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur

As an author

  • Venu Bhagavan’s passion for Human excellence made him write books that are practically useful for all walks of life in developing themselves into a better human resource.
  • Written best sellers such as Level 6 Leadership, THE SECRET, THE FIRE and Amma Nanna O Genius in Telugu and FIRE WITHIN & LIVE LIFE LIVELY in English.


His coaching and training expertise is in 3 main areas:
  • SPEAKER, he can inspire from small group to massive meetings in changing the paradigms almost instantly.
  • EDUCATOR: A Powerful way of Transforming and Designing Future for Individuals and Organizations through powerful educational sessions and boot camps.
  • MENTOR: Mentoring the Entrepreneurs for their personal and business growth in a long period of commitment.

Personal Life:

  • In his Personal Life, Venu Bhagavan loves Yoga, Naturopathy, Gym, Badminton, Photography and Travel.
  • Married to Madhavi and blessed with two children Sumanth & Hruday.
  • Born to Parents Villa Venu Gopal Rao and Villa Sarada.

Our Vision

Core Purpose Statement
  • Enabling the Human Potential
  • with great courage, integrity, love and determination to create a world where each of us, our families, communities, and our planet can flourish.
Our Vision:
  • To see an India full of Leaders and Entrepreneurs fired with Passion, Compassion, Innovation with world class Competence.
Our Core Values:
  • Enterprising: Creating and Building Enterprises of Social Purpose and Growth.
  • Excellence: We always Demand and Deliver Excellence.
  • Integrity: We keep Integrity as the first value to work with.
  • Courage: We always take Action that gives amazing results.
  • Core Genius: We Delegate the Right work to the Right person/company.
  • Assertive: We communicate directly with loving Conversation.
How we Live our Core Purpose:
  • Enabling and Maximizing the Human Potential.
  • By Enterprising into ventures that makes all of us healthy, happy & wealthy.
  • Building Businesses on Strong Legal Foundation & Great Leadership.
  • Creating Automation & Awesome Culture for Quantum Leap Growth.
  • Creating an inspired vision and execute strategies that helps our life and business scale up to greater heights by engaging ourselves and our team resulting in inspired action, exponential growth, profits and Fulfillment.
Our Promise:
  • Breakthrough Transformation.

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